Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Armour

The battle shield, the thick shell, the brick walls- we've heard it all; 
The armour we wear to glue us tight when into pieces we might just fall. 
You've seen that face when you steal a glance at your closest friend,
When a random man carelessly tugs at a string she is yet to mend. 
You've watched her face calm, her fingers at ease. 
The sight they see, a picture of perfect peace. 
You've watched her draw curtains, the raging storm beneath to hide. 
You've watched her smile , while she pushed what she felt aside. 
You've done that yourself- when you said 'I'm fine' on that day of your tragic loss. 
As if your words were enough to veil that your life had just gone for a mighty toss. 
You shove them aside into that dirty corner yearning for light. 
For completion, you throw over it a thick blanket to cover that hideous sight. 
They do haunt you every night, you become aware then of your own breath, 
Yet you hold on like a flower that never blooms , but carries it's scent hidden, till it's very death. 
When somebody comes along, you wonder in silence, "Is this the one that you seek?"
Will they flinch- will they run- god forbid will they leave if you let them have a peek? 
You wait with bated breath, peel yourself down, layer by layer;
Praying , that inspite of the scars that disgust you, to stay in your life, this time they will dare. 


  1. Every other feminine can find themselves in your words. Love, a nice piece of work. Keep going. ������

    1. This was not just about the feminine part of our world. Even the men are guilty of hiding behind masks. It's all of us..

  2. Good take, we all are same indeed (though some exceptions).

  3. As always... A good thought that we often forget. Well written veens!